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The legendary German general of the bush war in AfricaFor many the Great War means the Western Front, that gruelling, slogging stalemate of attrition that was the mud and blood of trench warfare. Theodor von Kobbe. The collection is sourced from Together with Extracts from Varnhagen's Diaries. Alexander von Humboldt. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the orig Austria refuses to leave the A tale that far surpasses time is the story of Sirens…a tale of immortality, ethereal grace, and a desire for vengeance that will not subside.

Dorian Lily, Captain of the pirate ship The Lady, has built a reputation of being devious, cruel, calculated, and unyielding upon her verdict while she relentlessly protects a world that far outreaches mortal sanity and boundaries. Rahn Masago wears her exotic beauty as a shield while wielding terror through her samurai sword.

Rahn hides a deep secret of betrayal that threatens to find the light within the shadows as The Lady begins her next journey. Rowan Roberts, the wallflower of the three, hides behind her crimson locks, but a past injury ignites her hunger for revenge. The fever draws Rowan to the helm as she embarks The Lady upon a voyage of no return.

The crew aboard is filled with magic, for none among them a mortal be. Nevertheless, the lives entrusted to The Lady are unprepared for the intrigue of the high-seas as a vast lineage of beings of light and dark are revealed.

However, even in the midst of punishment, these three men cannot resist the temptation of their intricate and seductive captors. Redemption is not easily found, given, or restored. Just like the normal version of Most Wanted the game tends to drop frame-rate in certain areas for a short time, disabling Smoothing seems to fix the issue on Non-BC Consoles, BC Consoles plays flawlessly even with Smoothing Enabled.

The game is playable, but It's like the same case with Nicktoons Unite! You will be able to play the game but a lot of textures from the game are missing, like texts, menus, or even characters. Small issue with memory card, and start screen. Letters looks like some of them are refreshing itself. Fairly frequent flickering and framerate drops. Seems to mostly happen out of combat while the camera is zoomed in and Stan isn't visible. Use config to fix blackscreen after intro. Some flickering and framerate drops during cutscenes, audio tends to get out of sync in cutscenes because of this.

Framerate issues on final boss too. PAL version boots but hangs after a short amount of play time. Slight Graphic issue with Playstation Logo staying at bottom of screen. Some low frame rates when many characters are on screen. Causes audio to become out of sync. L2H and force flip seem to fix the random pausing that occurs.

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Lots of screen stuttering, bouts of lag in matches, and several menu graphics such as text and fighter select portraits do not load. Low frame rates still exist. In Japan known as Zero: Akai Chou. Use custom config to fix texture problems Emulator Configuration.

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Use config to fix minor textures glitch. Config file fix black screen after PS2 logo. A very minor issue in water flickering occurs in "Home Stink Home" and few other places but besides that game fully playable. Revised by CodedXtreme. PS2 classics versions is the original japanese only DVD-5 version. Seldom texture glitching. Dont worry about earrape audio, its the same as on the real PS2. Use custom config to fix black screen freeze after PlayStation 2 logo. Also known as Sakura Taisen V in Japan.

Can be rebuilt into 2 DVD 5 if you wish. It's original DVD 9 format will also work though.

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  • The Siren’s Sea Trilogy.

Slight sound lags at longer FMV-sequences, huge framedrops at Special Attack-sequences, but fully and fluently playable otherwise. Flashing lights due to lighting issues, A fix exists. Don't play this unpatched, it will cause nausea and dizziness with only a minute of gameplay.

PS2 Classics Emulator Compatibility List

Cutscenes tend to go silent or never have sound. There's a weird noise during loading screens and they have spliced lines. The characters get distorted.

It crashes your console, may also set your PS3's fan at a high rate. Clank doesn't walk forward properly. When you get to Fort Sprocket, there's a glitch where a robot falls through the floor, this makes the game unbeatable at this point. Graphic seems to be much better than on PS2. Very slow, and have some minor graphical problems.

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  5. 0 L1VR0 D0 C0NH3C1M3N70 (Portuguese Edition).
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  7. Minor texture problems, seems to be little bit slower than original. But playable.

    The Siren’s Sea Trilogy – Clare Angelica

    When changing game or emulated console sometime freeze can occur. But when playing one game, then all games seems to be fully playable. Minor graphical issues, seems to be little bit slower that original. Setting game to p, make it work worse than in i. Freezes near save point, and randomly. Similar issue to Covenant, but here you can't move after unfreezing. When main character is not moving and has no weapon equipped, left foot disappears intermittently below the knee when you stand still.

    Minor voice glitches when playing some cut scenes.

    The Siren’s Sea Trilogy

    Camera positioning is incorrect, clips into walls at points. Phone call voice audio can occasionally hang or repeat. Slows a little bit down when opening a door sometimes. This is common in the game normally as the doors act as hidden load screens. Can have some pretty noticeable texture issues at times incorrect colours etc.

    No effect to gameplay.