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‘Horny bastard’ first sergeant had affair with female infantry private, Army says

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By Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Hummingbird Favorites. Great in Containers. After getting to know people at band camp, I was a lot more comfortable about going to the first day of school.

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I learned more about how to play my instrument and was proud to represent SM at football games and school events. Michael Erhardt '20 "Over the three years that I've played trumpet in the Eagle Regiment, not only have my instrumental skills increased drastically, but I have made multiple friends. Whang and his staff are always willing to help with any tasks or problems that you may face. The marching band members bond not only through rehearsals and performances, but we have many other events outside of school.

For those who love cruise line tradition, the Black Watch is your vessel

Marching band has become a key part of my total SM experience. Emma Tajon era '20 "My past few years of high school, marching band has been a way for me to bring my musical skills somewhere outside the band room. However, when I joined marching band my freshman year, the members of the band openly welcomed me into the program and I formed friendships with many of them. I always have fun and I can gladly say that I have made my closest friendships because of marching band.

Katie Alker '20 "Ever since coming to my first clinic as an eighth grader, the people in the Eagle Regiment have always made me feel welcome and made sure I had a familiar face in the crowd. It has been a great way I get to meet new people. Our regiment family has always stuck by each other and welcomed new members with the same enthusiasm as we welcome our vets. I have met some very nice, protective, sweet and funny and talented people.

The Eagle Regiment has been my second family in the past two years. The leaders and the teachers are super helpful towards your music career as a high schooler. I had never played a wind instrument before I joined marching band. It was very difficult at first but once I got the help from Mr.

Blowin Smoke with the Royal Signals - 11 Signal Regiment - British Army

Whang and my close friend, Matthew Stinson, it became easier and easier due to the effort I put into it. One of my favorite memories was before a football game, we all played ninja and the human pretzel game together. Even though field season is over, everyone still hangs out together in the band room — our friendships continue year round.

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  • It was so fun learning a new instrument and being able to carry out my new skills with the band. I learned quickly that band was a family more than anything else and I grew to love the community I joined.