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Robert Strange, Woollet, Vivares. Alderman Boydell. Com- missions from dealers. Wille attends all great sales. De Caylus. De Julienne. Much work unworthy Wille's skill. Limited interests. Character of his journal. Feeling for his wife.

Little affection for his family. Indifference to all but personal concerns page 69 IX Contents. Its relation to " la gravure d'histoire. Brilliant pupils of Laurent Cars. He was a great artist. Ebooks and Manuals

His " school " did not attain the commercial importance of that of Le Bas. Mariette's encomium. Engravings after Le Moine. Illustrations to Moliere after Boucher. The "Malade imaginaire. Repeated success of Laurent Cars in academical competitions. Tardieu pcre the master both of Cars and of Le Bas.

Stolen Child

Beauvarlet, the pupil of Cars, co-operates with him on the portrait of Clairon as Medea. Grimm's criticisms. Engravings by Beauvarlet after de Troy and Van Loo. Reception by the Academy delayed. Madame Dubarry in hunting dress. Great powers of assimilation shown by Flipart. Develops slowly. Frontispiece of " Description des Fetes donnees pour le second mariagc du Dauphin. He exhibits in "Jeune Dessinateur" after Chardin.

Engravings after Vien in Devotes himself wholly to Greuze.

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Cars then dead. All the younger men crowding to Le Bas. Notice of Le Bas by Joullain. Early difficulties. Marriage with Elizabeth Duret. Sale of the marriage gifts. Organizes atelier. Pupils live under his roof. His treatment of them. Jovial familiarity and mockery. Contrast the pleasant skill of Le Bas with the virility of Cars. Le Bas in touch with every later development of his art from the " vignette " to the " estampe galante.

Ryland, Strange, Rehn. Letters to Rehn. Easy family relations. Muffs for Darcis and Madame Le Bas. Le Bas could do no portraits.

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  • Received on "Conversation galante" after Lancret. Bright effecl. Renderings of "Le maitre galant " and "Le pied dc boeuf.

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    Le Bas engraves half price for de Caylus. Engravings of masonic ceremonies. Quarrel with Le Prince. Engraves the " Fetes Flamandes " of the Duke de Choiseul's collection. Madame de Pompadour. Disastrous results of his enterprise with Moreau le jcune. Double-dealing of Moreau. Galcrie de Drcsde, de Florence, de Dussel- dorf. Galerie de Versailles.

    Pourquoi on a des noms de famille ?

    Nicolas de Larmessin engraves portraits and vignettes. Change in size and shape of book. Small volumes popular. Pupils of Le Bas illustrate famous small books in latter half of the century.


    His method. Influence extends further than his own school. Lempereur forms Delaunay, the master of the "estampe galante. The " Henriade. Le Mire's work on this book. Engraves ten designs by Eisen for "Le Temple de Gnide. Vignettes engraved by Charles Baquoy.

    Fermiers- generaux edition of the "Contes de la Fontaine. Joseph de Longueil. Alliance between ornament and illustra- tion. The head and tail pieces of the "Contes. Etienne Gaucher. Miniature portrait of Marie Leczinska. Portraits of Joseph II. The Banier Ovid.

    Choffard signs the title-page.