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Through the juke joints of Beale Street in Memphis, to the depths of The Great Dismal Swamp, Donovan and his lover and partner, Amethyst, find themselves drawn along on one of the strangest quests in their long, enigmatic lives as they delve into the world of the undead, the magic of The Blues, and the very heart of alchemy both to protect their young, vampiric charges - and to prevent an ancient evil from destroying the balance of power in the universe. This novel directly crosses over to the original series O. Create Widget.

About David Niall Wilson. Learn more about David Niall Wilson. Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Report this book. Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex. Once he was making the decision about his lesser book, things moved must faster.

And easier. Kevin mentions The Baby. And this is the biggest problem I see with authors: the inability to let go. They hem and haw about not finding the narrator who embodies the exact voice of their hero. Hire the best storyteller and let that person take the story to a new place.

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Embrace that. They should also be able to handle the basic stuff, like meeting deadlines and keeping communication about the project open and easy.

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There are a ton of great narrators on ACX, but the best of the best are given the Audible Approved designation. One thing.. ACX — if you have a book that is listed on Amazon. Along those lines, be upfront with your potential narrator about language, sex and violence. Many a contract has been broken because an author used the lords name in vain and the narrator refused to say it.

On ACX, we have safeguards that allow both sides to check in and make sure they're happy with the working relationship. Only after the author approves this 15 minutes can the producer proceed with the rest of the title.

David Niall Wilson

Good point David. We try to make the process as easy as possible on ACX, but the truth is, audiobook work requires care and attention to detail. The author needs to make sure they're blocking out time to properly build a title profile think of it like a dating profile for your book , to review that 15 minute checkpoint I mentioned, and to review the full audiobook once it's completed. And there are a LOT of narrators and producers of all types.

If theres a section thats critical, or a part with critical characters, ask for that. Most narrators wont have a problem doing that, because they want it to be right just as much as you do. Once that 15 minutes is done, give feedback. Once all feedback is given, let the narrator do their job. This gets back to the Let Your Baby Go thing. As Scott can attest, even when we try to be careful, errors get in … they have been wonderful helping us fix our mistakes.

DORK SOULS 3 "Seasoned Knight" (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

I do LOT of casting for books and if theres a noise floor or the narrator sounds like he recorded it at his kitchen table, I wont hire them. Use the notes section to give specific instructions. When the book is contracted, ask them to ask YOU about words you are worried about in pronunciation, names, places, or accents. Jeff can tell you from experience that you can be halfway into a book before an author mentions in the text that someone has a particular accent.

We are right on the verge of opening to questions. I have no way of knowing how many if any of you are out there listening. Assuming you are there…welcome! Some dialogue, some action, some romance, some descriptive text, etc. And yes David, sometimes errors get through. I was doing a book and it was a rush. So I told the author that I didnt have time to pre-read the whole book and were there any accents or anything I needed to know about. He said no. Please feel free to get involved. We often recommend that authors visit audible.

Check some titles in your genre, but also check out popular books not necessarily related to yours. Read the listener reviews too.

You'll quickly get a sense of what sounds good and what doesn't, as well as what turns off the average listener. Why would you hire a problem?

Actually, Scott, I will disagree with that. Its hard to judge the quality of the book from those samples.

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If there is any hiss in an audition, or they failed to edit out where they repeated words, anything like that — knocking sounds, dogs barking — run away. On their side, this is their representation of their work, and you can believe that if a small sample had those errors, the whole book will be a mess. Just Google it. The music may not be free upfront, but you often use it without paying a royalty. A fair point, Jeff. If all else fails, email info acx. We can give you one free Audible credit so you can download a book of your choice and hear the full version.

Royalty free music is hard to find, like royalty-free writing … no one likes to work absolutely free. You could probably get some clips from searching Google and talking with musicians…possibly for the promotion of their work … but my thought is you will likely have to buy the royalty free clips in compilations. Brian, usually? Audio drama is VERY hard to pull off with quality, and narration is an art form.

I could name on the fingers of one hand authors who have been good at narrating their own work. I think most authors would be shocked at how much TIME it would take them to make an acceptable recording. Listeners have varying tastes, but at the end of the day, the most popular production will be well made, sound good, and focus on the words from the page. Authors who read their own work can bring a certain authenticity, but audiobook narration and production is a SKILL, and one that takes time to master.

Some authors are good narrators, but not all.

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Look at it this way…would you want to see George R. It goes badly. Dark fantasy.